Sunday, January 22, 2012

The rise and fall and rise and fall and rise and rise and rise and rise and fall of the Steve Reich

I wanted to listen to some meditative, repetitive music, somewhat in the style of those American minimalists you all will never have heard of. You know, Phillip Glass, Terry Riley...

But then I listened to Steve Reich and realised that I didn't want to listen to what I wanted to listen to.


bruce said...

Oh I have a whole collection of American 'minimalist' music. I sold my vinyl of Reich's magnum opus 4album 'six mallets' or '10 pianos' or whatsitcalled to Velvet Fogg in Katoomba, so anyone interested can obtain it there at what the proprietor assures me is a reasonable price. Or you can download it free per the FBI's megaupload service, they SAY.

TimT said...

Phil Glass strikes me as being the one who is most likely to last - he has an evident lyrical gift. I haven't heard enough though to really comment - John Adams, I'm told, has done some great things.

Most of my listening these days seems to be done on YouTube!

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