Monday, April 16, 2012

A certain tense moment

There is a certain tense moment when you walk into the room, and you see the cat, and the cat sees you, and you see that the cat is thinking.

What is the cat thinking? Is the thinking it is thinking entirely innocent, or is it thinking that it can see you seeing it thinking? Maybe it is thinking what you are thinking as you see it thinking, and it sees you seeing it thinking. You wouldn't put it past the cat.

It probably is entirely innocent, whatever thinking it is that the cat is doing. But at certain times, that certain tense moment is followed up by a certain action:

Cat crouches on table next to glass of water and thinks
You see cat
Cat sees you
You see cat seeing you
Cat reaches out with paw and pushes glass of water over.

So you see, you never can be sure just what the cat is thinking, or whether what the cat is thinking is what you would want it to be thinking. Which is a little worrying... I think.

This has been another Crazy Old Cat Man post by Tim.


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Crazy old cat man - I assume you have seen the French existential cat video?

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