Friday, April 27, 2012

Medium tedium indeedium

There's nothing boring about Boring, Oregon, especially when it comes to building bridges with the good folks of little Dull, Scotland.
Boring, a rural suburb of Portland named after its early 20th century founding family, is poised to formally declare itself Dull's sister community on June 5 when its community planning organization convenes.... "It will be interesting to see where this goes," [community councillor Marjorie Keddie] said, adding: "Everyone has been smiling at the prospect of the very eye-catching road sign this will inevitably require."
Boring, USA forges links with Dull, Scotland - Ninemsn
I'm not quite sure why these people would get excited at the prospect of a road sign noting an agreement between local councils, but maybe that's why they're living in Dull...But it would be interesting to see the inevitable Dull announcement in the Boring newspaper, or the Boring agenda item in the Dull meeting minutes, or the Boring Councillors discussing the idea over with Dull, or the Dull citizens looking at Boring photos. In time, I'm sure, there will be joint Dull-Boring pronouncements on the Boring-Dull future, maybe even Boring visits to boring Dull, or Dull visits to dull Boring...

Another town that has been in the news later has been Fucking, Austria. Just imagine a sister-community relationship involving that town: Fucking-Dull anyone? How about Boring-Fucking?

UPDATE! - Maybe Dull and Boring could have a sister communities song. Something you could hum. A Ho-Hum?


mojo said...

I wonder if they need a lion tamer?...

TimT said...

Everything needs a lion tamer. My workplace needs a lion tamer, definitely.

TimT said...

Mind you without a lion for the lion-tamer to lion-tame, they would seem a trifle ridiculous.

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