Monday, April 23, 2012

A clash of thimbles

Cognitive dissonance aplenty at the place of employ, where an email about a free theatre ticket crosses paths with an email about parking tickets being given out in the area. Be in attendance at the performance of a fine by VicRoads? Don't mind if I don't, thanks. Parking inspectors will be handing out comedy show tickets to anyone who's left their car in the wrong place? Depends on the show, I guess.

Mind you, I'm the sort of person who, if a person takes offence, wonders where they take it from, where they're taking it to, what they're going to do with it when they get there, and if they've wrapped up warm for the trip. Plus, once when I was waiting for a job interview and someone asked me to take a seat, I picked it up and said, 'where would you like me to take it to?'

So I am possibly an unreliable interpreter when it comes to these matters.

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