Thursday, April 19, 2012

Yet another tedious plan for world domination

Right, this one's got to work. I'm going to start up a boy band, right? Except they won't be a band, because they won't be playing music - instead, they'll go around the world committing acts of artistic conceptualism in public places. Leaving knotted up pieces of string in trees, sealing their bodily fluids in cans, getting random people in the street to sign their autograph, or putting large installations in public art galleries consisting of electrically-controlled objects going on and off for no reason at all.

I mean, come on. There's just got to be a huge untapped market of skivvy-clad intellectuals, who are also young and female and  going to school, who will be just dying to see this group of boy conceptualists doing pointless things in public places repeatedly for huge amounts of money. Right? Right.

Or, to put it another way - take this, add it to this - and profit!


Anonymous said...

This somewhat older woman might go in for a group of skivvy clad intellectuals going about provided 1) they are old enough to shave, 2) they keep their underpants firmly out of view until the appropriate moment and 3) well, don't behave like a boy band...

TimT said...

Tracy Emin is admittedly a pretty badly behaved conceptual artist, but showing up drunk for a televisual broadcast - what I assume is a kind of BBC equivalent of Q and A - takes chutzpah.

Anonymous said...


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