Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Quiet quite

Accidentally wore my comfy socks to work today... and just between you and me, the levels of warmth, and luxury experienced by my feet in my accidentally-worn comfy socks were quite accidentally comfy indeed. Like having a quiet orgasm at your desk, only more sockish.

Maybe I should accidentally forget to put on work socks more often.

(Mind you, pretty soon I might accidentally forget to forget. And that would be a jolly bother.)


Anonymous said...

'Like having a quiet orgasm at your desk, only more sockish.'

A triumph, Mr Train. I think I shall find some orgasmic socks (or sockish orgasms) post haste. Begone work socks, it's time for bed socks now.

TimT said...

Am beginning to suspect I should have used another simile...

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