Monday, April 02, 2012

It's time we stopped blaming the pheremones and got back to a sense of personal responsibility

Do you want to know what's been on my mind for ages (if by ages you mean two days at least)? Well it's too bad because I'll tell you anyway. Dogs sniffing other dogs bums, that's what. What's up with that?

I mean here you have a typical case - a Great (in every sense of that word) Dane, majestically bounding over the other side of a road, where a pathetic (in the only meaningful sense of that word) terrier quivers, and then the two dogs quibble over the proximity of one another's rectal areas.

Can anything be more undignified? Can anything be sillier? Two creatures, of disparate sizes, and of contrasting colours, sitting at opposite ends on the Brilliant-to-Ridiculous spectrum, haggling over who will get to inhale the gaseous aromas wafting forth from the sphincter of the other. It makes you question the meaning of it all, doesn't it? A dog, normally a respectable, reliable member of society, who does not go around sniffing the posteriors of humans, cats, possums, squirrels, monkeys, birds, apes, wombats, or any other species or genera or whatever, suddenly loses all control and compunction when placed in proximity of another dog, no matter what it's size, and no matter how different the two creatures may be in appearance.

 What's the point, dogs? Pull yourselves together!

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