Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Another Fun Pet For Your School!

A phial of the deadliest virus known to man will look just adorable in the centre of your classroom, and be educational, too!

Tell the children at the beginning of each day that if the phial breaks, they and the rest of the school will be turned into gibbering idiots before dying. This is sure to instill a calming effect in them, making for a nicer, well-ordered classroom. As the children walk daintily around the phial every day, they will learn prudence and care for our precious environment! Also, knowledge about germ warfare will undoubtedly prepare them for the time when they have children ...


Fatman said...

They will be turned into gibbering idiots?

TimT said...

I know, normally it takes several years and puberty to achieve that feat; but this virus can do it in just days.

ras said...

its a bit like battle royale isnt it?

Because you just know that some naughty little boy is going to chuck a tanty and smash it then VOOM!

There goes a generation

Except unlike Battle Royal,
there's no winner!

Except for the older generation, who gets to enjoy the benefit of a generation without teenagers.

TimT said...

Well, once they make the mistake, they'll never do it again. There's that consolation.

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