Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Hex Runt's Cunning Stunts

Fishing for kisses or kissing fishes? Either way, it sounds like a dubious proposition.


Fatman said...

If I were married to Rex Hunt (and a woman) I'd be paying him to have sex with other people.

TimT said...

Where's your community spirit? It's just cruel to inflict that on other people. Keep it in the family, you hucking funt!

Caz said...

I always knew there was something fishy about him.

What will the next revelation be? He’s never caught anything in his life, big or small: he pays animals to jump onto hooks?

Fatman said...

I'm thinking of jokes along the lines of: "The only thing Rex Hunt has ever caught was syphilis." but I've got nothing to verify that. That would make me a dirty, stinkin' liar.

TimT said...

Was chucking this idea around with C at work last night, publishing a paper called 'The Real Fake Truth', and we could have plenty of revelations like the ones you are coming up with. Plus, the advantage of a paper with a name like that, you wouldn't have to spend nearly so much time on tiresome details such as 'research'.

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