Friday, May 19, 2006


Ode From a Forsaken Apartment

The space which once held
Your table and chair
Is now lonely and cold
And sorrowfully bare.

The bookshelf, without the books
Brought by yourself
Is bookshelf no more:
It's just a shelf.

Now comes the night:
And every room
Once dazzled with light
Is wrapped in gloom.

And the stairway! Which once
Led from here to there
Now, devoid of your presence,
Leads - nowhere.

O how horrible it is.

No-one beds in the bedroom,
No-one bathes in the bathroom,
No-one launders in the laundry,
No-one lounges in the loungeroom,
No-one hauls things through the hallway,
No-one kitches in the kitchen:
O, how horrible it is
To be an unabided-in abode.


vague said...

Well, Apartment, sorry to have left you in such a state, but, you know, I wouldn't have had to do this had you not treated me so terribly. There is something here from which you can learn, you know. Next time be nicer to your tenants!

ras said...

You had me close to tears...i'll never leave another apartment again...*sniff*

An Old Unloved Apartment said...

O! Cruel one! Truly, Vague, you are a La Belle Dame Sans Merci!

TimT said...

Vague - I swear, the apartment held me at gun point while I wrote this for him!

Ras - welcome back! I will be linking your new blog shortly!

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