Friday, May 26, 2006

Dr ... Not Very

If you've been reading Rachel's blog, then you will be familiar with a blogger and friend who comments on her blog by the name of Dr Evil.

Well, after extensive research*, I am now able to reveal a scandal of - well, scandalous proportions: Dr Evil is not really Evil at all.

Let me marshall the facts for you. The case against Dr Evil is positively damning:

- It is well-known that the Dr's last name is 'Evil'. What is not so well-known is that his first two names are - 'Not Very'. Dr Not Very Evil. Does this sound like the name of a person with felonious, naughty and/or evil propensities?

- If the letters in Dr Evil's last name are rearranged, it is true, they form the word 'Vile' - an evil, nasty, terror-inducing name. However! If they are rearranged in another way, they also form the word 'Veil', which is a thing of beauty and niceness, and the positive, nature-affirming word, 'Live'!

- Dr Evil's real name - yes, he does have one - is 'Sean'. If you pronounce this word backwards, what do you get? That's right - you get NAES! Or .... er, to put it another way - NICE!

- Dr Evil is, by his own admission, a caring father and husband: this flagrantly contradicts his own self-styled 'Evilness'!

- Finally, and most horrifyingly of all: NOT ONCE whilst I was in Dr Evil's presence in the Austin Hospital whilst visiting Rachel last week did he present a plan, schedule, timetable, precis, summary, or even vague scheme for world domination.

Dr Evil is nothing less than an impostor; a person treacherously betraying the good name for evil for his own evil purposes. His evil purposes being, in this case, good purposes.

I have not encountered such a blatant scam since reading the blog Aras Vebra is the Best!

*Ha ha! Look, I typed the word research with a straight face!


Dr Evil said...

If that was a roasting, I aint ever eating your food - undercooked and bland...... ;-]

Seriously, nice to put a face to the name, oh TimT. Even if your head does look like your butt!

TimT said...

C'moooooooooooooon Dr Evil, you can do better than that! That wasn't evil, that was barely nasty!

As to my head looking like my butt, how do you know? Actually, my butt looks much nicer than my head, so I use it in all the family photos ...

Dr Evil said...

How about....

type shit like that again and I'll take your frickin' life. That's right, there's a pool full of ill tempered, mutant sea Bass waiting to frick with you, my bi-cloptic friend!


TimT said...

Hmmm, that's a leeeeetle more evil, but I'm still not feeling the conviction. Still, not bad, not bad at all ...

Rebecca said...

Hi TimT,
Dr Evil is very evil indeed. He is just plotting away, giving you a false sense of hope.
Now if you will excuse me, I have to go do a slow motion run along the beach on his private island, wearing nothing but a white bikini.

Dr Evil said...

You've never worn a bikini in my private thought before. Ooooh, just read the post - island, sorry about that one.

TimT said...

If Rebecca were running in my private thought in a white bikini, she'd also have a pink elephant dancing after her.

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