Monday, May 29, 2006

A Fun Pet For School!

Throw out the goldfish, and dump the school goat. Get for your school instead a lively load of writhing lovely luscious leeches! The children will love them! Make sure to bring them out every morning, and have the children stroke and cuddle them. Also, take them out for frequent walks - leeches on leashes! It's sure to become a new fashion trend!

Yes, a tank full of fully grown annelids is just the thing for your school! Plus, acquanting your children with the ways of spineless, blood-sucking worms will prepare them for the world of modern corporate business!

Stay tuned for more fun and practical pet suggestions for your school!


Jellyfish said...

Haha, classic. 'Twas a weird little leech too, it had yellow stripes on it. Gah.

Maybe it goes for Richmond.*

Next week I must go on ANOTHER excursion, would you believe. Middle of winter? Melbourne? Boisterous class? What to do? Apparently, TAKE THEM SAILING. Nooooooooooooo!

*Lamest joke ever. I'm really tired.

TimT said...

Somehow that detail about the yellow stripes makes the story even better.

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