Sunday, May 14, 2006

Blog Duels To The Death I'd Like To See

Major Anya vs. Margo Kingston!
Caz vs. Drunka, in a mud-wrestling extravaganza!
Beautiful Atrocities vs. Belinda Carlisle!
Anonymous Lefty versus his actual identity!

List duels to the death you'd like to see in comments!


Caz said...

Miss Anya versus Margo? Oh, you are an evil man! Besides, Miss Anya would win with a mere toss of her brunette hair and a turn-up of her delicate nose.

jgm said...

How about Dennis the Peasant versus Roger Simon? Oh wait, that's been going on for months now.

Iain said...

You do know who AL is don't you ? I do and you have the wrong picture :o) it would be horse hair wigs thrown at the mirror mate .

TimT said...

Caz - yeah, but it'd still be interesting to see!

Drunka - never heard of that feud, must check it out.

Iain: any excuse to include a Hitchock reference! (That was a still from Psycho)

ras said...

Mine vs Nerdling

it would all bitchslapping revenge of the nerds style bahahahahahah

TimT said...

Oh man, that would be so awesome! 'Novocastrian Nerdstravaganza!'

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