Sunday, May 28, 2006

More Croucherisms

Saw Rachel at the Austin this Saturday and the previous Saturday (she's doing well, the wounds have healed), and was partial to more of her wit and wisdom, as well as some bon mots from her entourage of friends.

- Rebecca: mentioned a medical-induced sadomasochistic hallucination involving her and a cartoon puppy.

- Dr Evil came up with various gems:

Me: Dr Evil, you remember the difference between thinking things and saying things? Well ...

Dr Evil: There ain't no filter on this quad.


Me: So, why were you in hospital?

Dr Evil: Penis extension.

- Major Anya bought in a copy of Who magazine, and started conversation about the 'Tori wedding', starting the following conversation:

Major Anya: He's even got Tori's name tattoed on his arm...

Rachel: That's going to be expensive to remove. How long do you reckon they'll last?

Dr Evil: Three years. I reckon she'll have a kid first.

Major Anya: Nice frock, though.


Later, when J. walked in, Major Anya handed the magazine to him. and Rachel asked him the same question: "So, how long do you reckon they'll stay together for?"

J: (Glancing at the magazine for a second) Three and a half weeks.

And Rachel came up with the idea for another blog post:

Rachel: That sounds like a good idea for a post actually. Say we were talking about sex, incest, bestiality, and Christianity. They're all related...

And so I did. You can find more Croucherisms here.


Cazzie!!! said...

Talk about chips, dips, chains and whips...yeah...LOL

Rebecca said...

Hi TimT,
It wasn't a cartoon puppy, it was the "Slush Puppy" Puppy, and he is real.

TimT said...

Crikey, you mean there really is a sadomasochistic Slush Puppy with whips and chains and stuff? I'm scared!

Elmer's Brother said...

thanks for checking in on rachel I am glad to hear she is doing better. Give her a big hello from me please.

TimT said...

Will do, EB.

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