Saturday, May 06, 2006

Post About Me

Apparently some people use these here blog-things for writing things about themselves, and letting friends know what happens in their lives. Not me, I use it pretty much to lie or publish things I can't get published elsewhere. Other bloggers write about themselves with much more honesty and wit than I could ever muster.

But still, fair's fair. Sometimes I do get in a reflective frame of mood, and post things about myself. This is one of those times.


- I feel guilty about not having caught up with Kathryn and David for some time. They were my first friends in Melbourne, even before I moved here, and they helped me a lot in that move. They're both fantastic people, and I should have let them know.

- The company I work for has just been - unexpectedly - sold to its major competitor. This is bad news for me, as it means at the end of this month I may be out of a job. Though it's simple and not exactly intellectually satisfying, I'm happy with my job at the moment and want to keep it. And the other transcribing jobs in Melbourne aren't that attractive. Prior to working within my current company, I did a number of short, unsatisfying typing jobs around the city; the worst was with a smarmy prick in Southbank who got his workers to type faster by threatening to fire them. I lasted two weeks in that job and got fired.

Anyway, I'm going to be keeping an eye out for good jobs in the next couple of weeks in light of the possibility that I'm made redundant.

- Last night, it was cold and raining, and I bought a honeycomb gelato on Bay Street. Tonight, I did my grocery shopping at ten-thirty at night, then came home and practiced the accordion. I live on the edge, man!

- I just finished listening to a Dandy Warhols CD. Frankly, their brand of faux faux rock (or pop unpop) is pretty irritating, but it's not as if I have much of a choice. It's either that or play my Zappa CD over and over and over again.

- My laptop is dead, but at least I managed to retrieve most of my files from it.

- My flatmate has a thing for bittersweet folk-and-country music, and everytime he plays it, it puts me in a meditative frame of mind, and I sit down to compose poems that are made entirely out of swear words.

- My hair is ridiculous. If the weather is windy, then it gets sculpted into the most absurd pieces of modernist art imaginable. When I go riding on the tram, I need to get an extra seat for it. The first thing Nabakov said to me at a grogblog was, 'does your hair have a blog, too?' I agreed that it should. That grogblog was three months ago.

I really should get it cut, but there's no way I trust any of the barbers here in Coburg.


beautifulatrocities said...

No one with straight hair can possibly imagine the agony of the curly-haired person. It's probably the cause of many otherwise inexplicable suicides

Caz said...

Not going to go for a short-back-and-sides? Then you have a real problem, 'cause good haircuts for men is even worse than finding one for a woman.

Could recommend someone, but only in South Yarra.

Maybe the solution is to do nothing. The risk is too high & a man in a pretty head scarf for six months would be disturbing.

TimT said...

Short back and sides, definitely. South Yarra hairdressers? - Lordy, their price would be exhorbitant.

Caz said...

Actually, not too bad - at least not the one I go to.

I tried to count once, but ran out of toes & fingers: I have at least 35 hairdressers within spitting distance, although they're still out numbered by coffee shops.

What kinda street needs that many bloody hairdressers!?

TimT said...

I may or may put up a post in the next week about the hairdressers in Coburg: 'Ali Barber and the Forty Cleavers'.

Maybe the folks in South Yarra should just combine their coffee drinking activities and hair cutting activities, although I suppose that could lead to a somewhat fuzzy drinking experience ...

David said...

You don't love me, Tim. I pined for you, angel of the north. And, when you finally arrived, I was forsaken.

So, where's my invite out?

TimT said...

I nominate a cheap venue with cheap drinks, my southern friend. Under the bridge with booze, for instance.

Because I am a cheapskate.

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