Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Eaux de New York

I'm in New York, and the first thing I noticed about the place is it smells. Smoke pours out of the gutters; the streets even have something that look like giant cigarettes stuck in them. I like to think I spotted somebody smoking on the top of the Empire State Building last night - there was certainly steam coming from it. Maybe somebody was having a bonfire on top of it. The odour is really quite a peculiar combination of ashes, the sewer, rotting food, and an undefinable something.

It would be wrong to title this post 'New York Stinks' - it doesn't, it's a beautiful city. Maybe call it 'Cologne de New York'. Only, that might risk mixing up New York with Cologne, in Germany, which would just get confusing.

More to come, later. I've been taking a few pictures, so I'll try and put them up soon.


cristy said...

Have a great time Tim. I look forward to reading about your adventures.

Caz said...

All cities have their distinct smell.

You'll notice the Melbourne smell when you get off the plane at Tulla Tim, that is, if you haven't before now.

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