Thursday, February 22, 2007

Gawd, Not More Pictures, Please, No!!!!

Picturesque New York steaming manhole.
(The steam is coming from a demonic seance they're holding in the sewers of Eastern Manhattan.)

New York streets even have gigantic cigarettes poking out of them. It's like a demonic barber's pole, or something.

Liberty Island cafe - a bustling hub of activity! Come and freeze in enjoy our outdoor gardens while seeing one of the marvels of the free world!

This is the ONLY pink building in Boston, and as such should probably be preserved by the State. Incidentally, I went to Boston and couldn't even get a cup of tea to drink - how crap is that?

Gratuitous Squirrel picture. Oh, he may look small, but barely seconds after I took this picture, the creature leaped on a passing tourist from New Jersey and tore his throat out!


cristy said...

Not sure if you are still there, but there is a fantastic tea shop in Harvard Square, Boston (or it was there when I was in Boston a while ago - but it seemed to be very well established). It sells teas from all over the world by the cup, pot or packet and has a wonderful atmosphere.

Caz said...

Yeah, so, I want the picture of the tourist being slaughtered by the iddy bitty squirrel. What's travel for if you don't get the good shots?

You couldn't get a cup of tea in Bostom? Sheesh. What do they sell to drink over there? (Other than a strange excuse for something that passes as coffee.)

TimT said...

Beer, mostly - apparently there's several local lagers. I felt peckish at lunch time and went into a local pub (in the process offending several locals by asking naive questions about local politics) and went for the unadventurous choice of Boston Lager. It is a strange place: one of the oldest American cities, with a number of high rises in the city centre: but in many parts, it feels like a country town.

Anonymous said...

I had a worrying moment there - read the sign 3rd from the top as 'Great Places To Die whilst visiting the statue".

TimT said...

Great point! I'm rather amused by the fact that Chinese food stores here will sell you 'Dim Sums', which makes me think not of fried Chinese pastries, but poorly worked-out books of arithmetic...

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