Friday, February 02, 2007

Oh, Goyous Day

Follow the Lederhosen.

Milkshake with extra Schmalt.

Unhapfy Apfeln.

Spratz with Spritz.

Fritz with bitz.


ras said...

I am currently staying with a group of germans...and leaarning lots of their know they have a euphemism for "nice tits"

"She has a pair of good arguments"

sounds even better in german!

TimT said...

I've told this before, but there's a great line in 10 Things I Hate About You. Julia Stiles flashes a school-teacher to let her boyfriend (Heath Ledger) sneak out of detention. Later he asks how he did it:

"Oh, I dazzled him with my ... wits."

Anonymous said...

Vhere did zeze pikturen komm from? Huh? Sink zey are maybe ze big joke?


TimT said...

Incidentally Wolfram, rumours are in St Kilda they have an evening called 'Schnitz and Titz', featuring topless waitresses selling schnitzel, and drag queens. Now there's Germanic tradition for you!

Anonymous said...

Aber ze big problem iz zat, natürlich, most of ze "tits" are on ze men in lederhosen. Hawhawhaw, Fritzi's bitzi sometimes hang so low zey vind up in ze beer stein! Hehehehe.

But zis "Schnitz und Titz" you tell about sounds like such fun! Do zey haff also ze brass band?


TimT said...

One would presume so, and also drag queen races.

I'd imagine that in fine Germanic tradition - once every year or so - they would hold a night for the English. And call it the 'Fritz Blitz'.

Anonymous said...

Good lord no! Not since we wolloped Jerry soundly back in '45 have they dared to even pun on the Blitz. They tried pun or two times to revive the old fighting spirit, but it had gone on holidays. Saw it on the Riviera myself.

Eat knuckle, Fritz!


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