Monday, February 19, 2007


I was interested to read on a US Post Box that most services don't even have to be conducted over the counter now; the US postal service is almost fully automated.


Through rain or hail
Or sleet or snow
Or fire or flood,
Postrobotman will go.

If it be high,
Or if it be low,
Postrobotman will get there,
Postrobotman will know.

Bold deeds of derring-do
Earn it acclaim;
Great feats of bravery
Bring it world-wide fame:

Here's to the computerised,
Streamlined and digitised,
Automated, customised
Robot Express!

Through rain or hail
Or sleet or snow
Or fire or flood -
Postrobotman will go.

Let us pause for a minute to reflect upon all the Postrobotmen who have given their non-lives in sacrifice for their nation.


Anonymous said...

Tim, don't blog while you're on hols for Christ's sake.

Have fun.

nailpolishblues said...

I'm sure he would but wherever he goes and whatever he does he's blogging in his head and he may as well release it and kepp us all entertained :p

tdix said...

What comes next, post-postrobotmen?

redsaid said...

Would the postrobotman please marry me so that I can FINALLY get my friggin Green Card?!?

I'm sooooooo jealous of you right now for being there, it isn't even funny.

Not even a little bit funny.

And now, since envy is one of the seven deadlies, I'm starting to feel a bit funny. Maybe I should try comedy now that I feel so funny.

By the way, the characters I need to type in looks a lot like the spam I get. Could it be a conspiracy?!?

Also, I notice the little wheelchair sign. Okay, but what about those people who can't see it? How do they know to click on it? And what about those who are unable to hear? Huh? Huh? HUH?!?

TimT said...

Anon - ah, this blogging's a fun hobby anyway. I only have half an hour or so every day anyway, and I NEED it because of the NY cold! And I AM having fun, don't worry about that!

Nails - well, I try. I've been suffering from a lack of inspiration of late. Pretty soon I'll be resorting to posting cutesy pictures of squirrels - you see if I don't!

Tdix - post-postrobotmen are sooooo postmodern, they make postmen pastmen. Or something.

Red - hi! I've been thinking of you: the first thing I did after I got my sleep was go to Starbucks and order a Grand Latte. I was so pleased to find that when I got to the States, I could read your blog again! I met a couple of folks from Baltimore yesterday, and felt like saying 'I know a celebrity who used to live there!' Because, you know, you are!

nailpolishblues said...

Squirrels were a highlight of a friend of mine's trip to the US [oh that and some boring wedding thing]. Both she and I reckon they rock [of course, she's a biologist so I guess it comes with the territory - I just like cute furry things].

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