Thursday, February 08, 2007

Bow Ties, Much Better Than Tai Bo

A search of my site tracker the other day led me to this post about bow ties, and this late - very late - comment:
Wow! Scary. My name is Tim and I own a bow tie site ( and have a blog ( and have been planning a future trip to Thailand. Funny, eh??
He's right, you know. He does have that site. Bow tie fanatics even send in pictures to be featured in posts. And he has a company. In bow-ties, naturally.

I like the cut of this fellow's jib.

Hmmm... lives in the USA, makes regular trips to New York... I reckon I should meet up with this dude and we can discuss all things bow-tie related!


James Waterton said...

What was that amusing movie where the bow tie wearing eccentric (of course) small-town doctor said something along the lines of "A neck tie was originally worn to emphasise the genitals. Who would trust a man who wears a garment that draws attention to his ears?"

TimT said...

That's a very good quote. Perhaps Tim (er, the other one) knows where it comes from!

I reckon it's guys who constantly draw attention to their nuts that are the most untrustworthy.

Don Quixote said...

If you meet up with him be sure to challenge him with this tongue twister:

How many bows could a bow tie bow if a bow tie could tie bow?

James Waterton said...

Hey, I wear neckties all the time!

However, my nuts are worth drawing attention to, unlike those of most other men.

alexis said...

And all this, while auto-asphyxiating.

Caz said...

I'll bet you even wear your neck-tie at the satorially correct length too James.

How is it that so many guys, with so few fashion or grooming matters to be concerned with, still manage to wear their tie too long or too short? *Shudder*

Ah Tim - tomorrow you fly off!?

Hope your security screening upon arrival isn't too hideous - I'm sure you'll have a good book to while away the time once you get off the plane at the other end.

Have a fabulous trip, and I look forward to some colourful posts.

And thank you so much for your latest zine. I'll be posting the second copy to The Princess when I get a chance. I notice it has grown since the last one, its a *big* zine now. Impressive.

Kathy said...

Hey Timmy!

Bon voyagee( as Bugs bunny would say)

And thanks for the Zine mate.

Thoroughly enjoyed it

Sextra Sensory Perception had me riveted..

So sleek....

Umm .. Just had a thought!!

You oughta be a writer.

Yes..... Just the ticket old china

Whaddya reckon?

poet said...

yep, i liked the zine too..though i had to get out my glasses

Mark said...

I can tie a bow tie. It's a dying art.

Hey, Tim, give us an update on your trip and SF arrival and all. Tom wants to comment about it somewhere I expect!

Anonymous said...

im guessing robert benchley
made that joke about bowties and ears

Anonymous said...

Thanks for all the comments. I'll answer them all when I get into new York. I have 33 seconds remaining, and I'm at Narita airport!

Timothy W said...

Hey Tim ( everybody) thanks for linking to my site. It's nice to hear from folks who appreciate standing out (in a good way). :-)

I head out to Vegas this Monday (for the MAGIC International Men's Apparel show), I look forward to connecting up with some vendors to supply dress shirts and other accesories that are out of hand expensive for the normal guys, like pocket squares, cuff links, flasks (oops) and the like. I'll update my blog when I get back with pictures.

Take care Tim.

TimT said...


Glad to know everyone seemed to enjoy my zine. Sorry about the small print, Fran - I noticed that myself. I'll probably put the font size up a bit next time I try one of these things (that is, if I do.)

Good on you, Tim. I'll be back to read your blog a bit later.

TimT said...

Mark, more updates to come - got your email, we'll sort something out soon. Cheers.

kev859 said...

I don't see why everyone thinks it so hard to do, it's using the same knott as shoelaces.

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