Wednesday, February 21, 2007

From Somewhere in Brooklyn

Is this train:

a) A one-way train on a no-way track?
b) Going nowhere fast?
c) Going somewhere slow?
d) Anywhere else, including here?


alexis said...

I can't help but wonder if this post is in some sense autobiographical.

TimT said...

Being by name and inheritance a Mr Train, I find I have a natural sympathy with my electro-powered colleagues. This was taken on the occasion of me finding myself catching the wrong subway to the wrong station. I can't remember now where I was going, though. I did get back to Manhattan, though.


Anonymous said...

I see that your the adventurous sort who likes to explore the nether regions of our seemingly fair metropolis.

Found you via Mark - Knockin on Golden Door. Love your pics. I love the caption to the steaming manhole cover and it shouldn't surprise you that you're probably right seeing as we have a group of individuals known to locals as the "underground people".

I hope you've enjoyed your stay.


TimT said...

Indeed I have, and I shall be flying back to Manhattan in about a week, as I have to catch a connecting flight to Tokyo from there: I will have a final week enjoying New York state and the surrounding areas.

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