Thursday, May 10, 2007

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Reading through an Australian Postcode Book just for larks (don't we all?) I noticed that, in Queensland, there is a Mount Debatable.

So called, presumably, because there's still argument over whether it's a mountain or just a large mass of earth.

Mount Debatable, or Mass Debatable: the ongoing argument.

You heard it here first, folks!


nailpolishblues said...

I used to live in a town where there was much contention about whether the largish mound of earth in the middle of the town was a mountain or merely a hill and if it would have been a mountain if they hadn't used to much of it to build a breakwall. It was a small town, people really didn't have much to debate about other than whether it was better to bash ethnic minorities or people of a homosexual orientation [they didn't quite use those terms].

TimT said...

The Ocker Who Went Up a Sizeable Mound and Came Down a Slightly More Sizeable Mound: a movie, starring Hugh Grant (deal pending - pending, that is, his ability to master the Australian accent and meld it with his own patented stutter, that is.)

Jo said...

I can imagine it.

"And, so to speak, in the words of Kevin Bloody before he grew the beard, if you don't mind me saying so, no - of course you don't, anyway, to get to the point - bloody oath, mate".

Caz said...

Easily solved: they should rename it Mount Pluto.

alexis said...

Generally speaking, we don't discuss the Mass Debatable in polite company.

Charles Murton said...

There is a place in WA (not in the Postcode book) called Useless Loop.

It is the result of some fairly mediocre surveying. A road was meant to go somewhere, but it curved around as it dodged a few hills and lake beds and ended up where it started.

It is listed in the Australian Tax Office's guide to zones for zone rebate purposes.

Charles Murton said...

For any unbelievers out there:

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