Saturday, May 26, 2007

That's Not a Television Station, That's An Acronym!

Television schedule for

"We are a taxpayer-funded station, but we feel bad about it."

Soft-hitting journalism about affairs that were current two or three weeks ago.

Less Rage
Songs that aren't quite cutting edge, singers wearing medium-cut tops and really quite respectable skirts, not to mention socks. Songs that actually have a tune to them, though not a very good one. (No guitars or pianos were burnt in the making of this show. A banjo got bruised, but that's about all.)

Big Brethren
Reality television show. Twelve Amish live together in a house competing for a gigantic prize of thirty goats. In order to make things more exciting, they all take a vow of silence. This goes on until they all get voted off or the viewer switches off.

Doctor Who The Hell Is This Guy I Thought It Said Tom Baker Was On Things Have Bloody Gone Downhill Since Patrick Troughton Came On
Increasingly irrelevant science fiction in an increasingly relevant world. Or did I get that the wrong way around?

A Similarity of Opinion
Jeff McMullen discusses issues of concern with a large studio audience consisting of himself, comes to the conclusion that we all have much more in common than we think, or certainly he does, and concludes the show in an untimely manner by asking himself if he wouldn't agree to an intimate dinner at his place.

The 7.30 Grumble
Hosted by Kerry O'Whine. Rants about various matters of mild unconcern.

Sunday Afternoon Arts
Screening four days every week!

"The DEF will switch to digital in 2010, OVER ITS DEAD BODY!"

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