Thursday, May 24, 2007

Hard Hitting Photo Journalism

The other day, I was wandering down Lonsdale Street with my camera on my way to Wunderkammer. The day was cold but clear, and the wind felt sharp and invigorating on my skin. I noticed that a bunch of North Melbourne and Hawthorn supporters had gathered in the streets and were having a game of football. They whooped and hollered happily to one another, and the colours of their traditional costumes shone out in the bright daylight.

Naturally, I had to take a picture!

That wasn't all, either. As I continued down Lonsdale Street, I noticed that a group of Geelong supporters were sharing some coffee at a cafe on the intersection with Queen Street. For some reason they seemed rather grouchy, but they consented to take a picture:

I'm not sure what it was, but they all seemed pale of mien and one or two of them had a rather unsettling grey tincture to their skin. Maybe they were unsettled by that blue thingy on the right-hand corner of the picture. I have no idea what it was either. By the way, a rumour that I can neither confirm nor deny has it that one of the chaps in this picture is related to these two bloggers.

More hard-hitting photo journalism to come!


Tim said...

Not ten minutes ago I was looking through a book in which that Rousseau picture is reproduced. What an odd coincidence.

TimT said...

You'd think after some hundred years those chaps would be a little tired of the rugger by now, but nooo!

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