Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Budget Fails Crucial Joe Smith Test

"This budget is all well and good," says Joe Smith of Reynard Street Coburg, "But where's my ten million dollars?"

He's right. In this year's budget, you'll find billions of dollars channelled into health, education, water, energy, and defence, but not one cent has been spent on the vital Joe Smith of Reynard Street Coburg Fund. All over Australia, Joe Smith of Reynard Street Coburg is suffering from this fatal oversight by the Australian Government, but especially in Reynard Street Coburg.

Come to think of it, I didn't get ten million dollars from the Australian Government either. And did you get ten million dollars from the Australian Government? I didn't think so.

Essentially, this blows a hole right through the Government's calculations. If only they had thought of providing ten million dollars for you, me, and Joe Smith of Reynard Street Coburg then everything would have been all right. But nooooooooo, they didn't.

Budget, indeed. This bird could have balanced the books better.


Bill Cooper said...

I grew up in Linsey St Wesy Coburg and everyone called it Reynards Rd even though technically it was Reynards St. Have things changed that much. As for Joe well Steve from Lebanon St Strathmore didn't get anything either.

TimT said...

Not much, except for the prison which they're now trying to hock off as prime real estate ('Pentridge Piazza'). The gentrification of Melbourne is slowly creeping out through Brunswick, but stops a few blocks short of Moreland Road, where Coburg really starts.

The market's in good shape and now Sydney Road/Hume Highway is wall to wall kebab shops and groceries and cafes through central Coburg.

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