Thursday, May 17, 2007

No Money Back Guarantee

Deconstruction Engineers

Trust me. I'm a philosopher. Plus, I smoke a pipe!
- HOUSES put up and taken down again!

- BUILDINGS with no foundations: "It just hangs there!"

- DOORS that open onto walls, CORRIDORS that lead nowhere, WINDOWS in the floor, and BEDROOMS without beds - or rooms!

- SECOND STOREYS in houses that have no first storeys!

- BUILDINGS that double up as everyday objects: The Fridge-Chalet, the Styrofoam-Box-Bungalow, and (our most popular item) the Fruit-Bowl-Shed.
At Trusty Jack Derrida's, our architecture questions the whole foundation of western philosophy! You don't live in our houses, you exist in them. We are careful to make you question the 'household' experience, so that you'll want to do nothing more than to take up a nice, safe residence in Plato's cave!


"When I get my hands on that smarmy prat Jack, I'll give him a kick up his Jacksie with the steel-tipped set of apartments he sold me." - Little Old Woman who Lives In A Shoe

"He made me a straw house and said if I had any problems, just blame the straw man. I'll tell you one thing: this mortgage isn't made out of straw!" - The First Little Pig

"A fine fellow. I can recommend him to anyone." - Mr B. B. Wolf

"Mr J D worked with us on a community housing project a few years back. He built a fine set off postbox houses so that the poor and disadvantaged could have an economical address to live at. An excellent architect!" - Mr S. Bracks

"I am rather pessimistic about this house" - Mr A. Schopenhauer


TimT said...

Every house comes equipped with a manly banister. If you're into that sort of thing.

alexis said...

I was so hungry I could eat dehorse and derrida.

TimT said...

They'd better be on their kierkegaard, then. Maybe they should just run and heidegger.

alexis said...

Or maybe I could just have just eaten the Scho(penhauer) pony (in turn fed on a regular diet of Hegel).

TimT said...

Be careful you don't take too much on your plat-o. It will be rather difficult to take matters philosophically then.

alexis said...

I Kant help myself.

Caz said...

That's no baby smoking a pipe; that's a full grown man.

Schopenhauer is one of my dead heroes.

TimT said...

But if he's a grown man, why is he wearing that...

Oh dear.

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