Wednesday, June 09, 2010

An allsorts post, but not involving licorice

1. I have a shirt that looks like it's inside out when it's actually inside in and outside out. Even more confusing, when my shirt that looks like it's inside out when it's inside in also looks inside out when it's inside out (or possibly outside in?) thus thoroughly confusing the matter. Thankfully, the shirt looks more inside in and outside out when it is actually inside in, but it's a pretty close call.

Apart from the fact that the person inside the inside out shirt feels like an outsider even though they are an insider, due to its inside-outness, it is otherwise a nice and comfortable shirt.

2. The teapot committed suicide last night. Well technically you might say that it fell to the floor and broke, but I feel certain that this was premeditated. You see, it was only two days prior to this that it's companion cup fell to the floor and broke into a thousand pieces, and I guess the teapot had been brooding over this horrifying event in a state of mingled disbelief and devastation.

The fact that I was fussing around just below the bench on which it stood with a bucket that had several things like broom handles sticking out of it is neither here nor there. I only wish I could have counselled the teapot out of its suicidal tendencies.

3. On Monday I made gingerbread men. They had mini M&Ms for eyes, which made them look like creepily-staring alien gingerbread men. The mini M&M eyes kept on falling out, or squashing, which made them look like creepily-staring alien undead zombie gingerbread men. The gingerbread men also had a habit of sticking to one another and fusing into one gingerbread man flesh, which made them look like creepily-staring alien undead zombie mass symbiotic entity gingerbread men, possibly possessing romantic infatuations with one another, to boot. That was cool.


Shelley said...

Forgive me for the (not so) popular tv reference but it sounds like your gingerbreadmen were the product of two dimensions colliding much like that rather unfortunate man in a recent Fringe episode. He managed four arms, four legs, and the alternate him's head protruding from his chest remarkably well. In other news, I managed not to be sick when I saw it.

TimT said...

Sounds like a hilarious show.

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