Sunday, June 20, 2010

Sunday hat quote


- Five young women in a car speeding past the Baron and me as we walked up the street, innocently wearing our hats and minding our own hatly business. Why thank you, yes, they are nice hats.


Dan the VespaMan said...

Perhaps they did not like that feather in your cap. Were you wearing your hat at a jaunty angle? I've heard that can really set people off.

TimT said...

In fact the Baron and I were both wearing houndstooth hats. I think you've already seen mine. We must have looked so dandy that I'm sure we drove them wild with jealousy.

TimT said...

Or we would have driven them wild with jealousy if they weren't already being driven. In a car.

Ann ODyne said...

Midwinter millinery magnificence.
I honestly think that RAHRAHGLAHBLAHARG is actually a complimentary expression when delivered from a moving vehicle.

Hats retain 80% of body heat otherwise lost, so wearing one reduces global warming and I commend your effort.

TimT said...

I didn't see any hats on them. Maybe they had them in hatboxes.

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