Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Great scientific advances of our time

Recently on perfecting the design of my chicken-to-human translator, I obtained some interesting results while hanging out about some chickens I know. I would like to present several chicken-to-human translations to you for your perusal. It was either that or Nature magazine.

What do you take me for man? What?
Some kind of backwoods duck?
I've clucking had it up to here -
I mean, what the clucking cluck?

Shut yer pecker. Listen son.
You're just a clucking slacker.
So take your clucking grain and shove it
Up your clucking cloaca.

I don't give a clucking flap,
You chickhead. I just don't.
You're just a pecking clucking chick,
A cockadoodledont.

Cluck off, cluckhead! Cluck yourself!
Go clucking cluck your pecker!
And cluckily clucky clucky cl...

At this point, I switched off the chicken-to-human translator, realising that nothing of interest could come out of this linguistic project whatsoever, and went and did the dishes.


Ampersand Duck said...

Majestic choice of shutting the cluck up.

WV= sphin (ancient Egyptian PR men)

TimT said...

Just so long as they don't quack the twits.

Pretty silly post really but at least it...

Nah, pretty silly post.

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