Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Summary of a book

In the past outcast, on passed, off to class, teachers, preachers, learning, yearning, burning, homicide, suicide, desolation, destitution, devastation, restitution, affirmation, confirmation, flirtation, temptation, sublimation, kiss, bliss, resolution.

Not necessarily in that order.

Jane Eyre, Charlotte Bronte


Caz said...

How am I supposed to know if this book is, or is not, recommended reading if it is not reviewed in order?

This is the very last time that I shall subscribe to this service!

I shall take my chances in the bookstore, unaided.

TimT said...

I heartily endorse this product and or service. That's my review!

TimT said...

Here is a summary of things NOT in Jane Eyre: genocide, regicide, revolution, elocution, diminution, lycanthropy.

Well okay, maybe one of the attempted homicides goes near to lycanthropy, but not quite.

Caz said...

All good and well, as additional explanatory text goes, but is that the correct order for things not in the book?

TimT said...

It's perfectly shapeship!

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