Monday, June 28, 2010

Announcing the discovery of the internet

I suppose you've all been wondering where I've been. Well no, you probably haven't. But I'll tell you anyway: I've been for a walk. Nothing too strenuous. Only ninety kilometres or so.

During that walk I've seen all manner of strange sights, including houses, trees, and unchangeable flat plains that stretch for kilometres on end; and one day, shortly, I may expand on some of these details.

But by jove, it's good to be back in civilisation, with its hot and cold running television, internet delivered fresh to your door every morning, and where you can pluck your muesli bars fresh from the fridge where they've been growing, instead of suffering the dreadful privations of the bucolic lifestyle (bar bistros, tourist cafeterias and hotel rooms).


Ann ODyne said...

glad to hear you are safely back in your comfort zone.
I take a perverse pleasure in country motels, and highly commend Thursday Night at the Cascade in Camperdown where the regular BBQ in the garden leads to all night vodka and singing with a team of Russian vets.

Helen said...

Ex-soldiers on holiday, or a convention of animal doctors?

So, where were you walking Tim?

Mitzi G Burger said...

Nothing like a transitory perambulation.

Ann ODyne said...

oh gosh Helen - can you imagine Russian ex-soldiers! It was veterinarians studying cows - lotta cows round these parts. Buy BULLA products and keep the $ in Victoria.
Tim I wanted to ask you where too, but felt it was a little forward so suppressed my curiousity.

TimT said...

Wangaratta to Bright!

TimT said...

We stayed in Everton and Myrtleford first two nights.

Steve said...

Wasn't it rather cold this last weekend in Victoria? Do we get to see any photos?

TimT said...

Funnily enough Steve we avoided the really cold days, though on Friday it was wet wet wet and we ended up being utterly soaked. Which we looked on, as you might imagine, in a somewhat negative light. But Saturday and Sunday were lovely - sunny, with occasional patches of cloud. (Struth, I sound like a weather broadcast).

Photos may or may not be coming in the near or distant future.

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