Friday, June 11, 2010

Precious non-vanishing natural heritage

The latest research indicates that most of the Pacific's low-lying islands are growing, not shrinking. - Coral islands left high and dry, The Australian
In news that will be of concern to many people concerned with being concerned about concerning things, it seems that many endangered islands may be in danger of not being endangered.

Around the world, leaders of government and environmental groups have begun to debate the implications of this lack of an unfolding crisis, and the possible ways in which they may be able to bring the islands that are less endangered than were previously thought back to previous levels of endangerment, and perhaps even lift them to unprecedented levels of endangerment, in order to create concerns for concerned people.

"We need to protect our precious vanishing natural heritage so that it keeps on vanishing," says Amber McAmble, head of the Friends of the Worldwide Fund for Green Natural Heritage Peace (FWFGNHP). "Otherwise, our precious vanishing natural heritage will simply stay there, maybe forever."

Prime Minister of Australia Kevin Rudd agrees: "if we don't do something now, who knows how long these precious vanishing islands will stay there? Nobody wants to visit or help a non-vanishing static island that's just, you know, sort of sitting there."

On Monday, a coalition of concerned economists will present a petition to the Prime Minister in Canberra suggesting ways in which sea levels can be made to rise. "For instance, sticking a really big heater over the Arctic Ice," says one. "That way, we can save the endangered islands from being endangered by unendangerment, and they can start sinking again."

The thriving capital city of a typical Pacific Island. This delicate natural culture may be on the brink of a catastrophic lack of catastrophe unless we do something to change it.


Dan the VespaMan said...

Thankyou for bringing this to public attention Tim. Perhaps we should organize a big concert to raise public awareness of this critical non-issue. I don't know about you, but i think it would be appalling for future generations to have nothing to worry about just because we didn't do something now to really ballsup the whole situation.

TimT said...

We can all do our own little bit. Maybe one person can't make a Pacific Island vanish all on his or her own, but you have to start small. Why not leave the bath taps on for too long and flood the bathroom?

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