Tuesday, June 15, 2010

A poem about liking things

I'm not going to join the group Melbourne Poets Who Like the Australian Greens - but I'm tempted to, just so I could post this poem:

I like the Greens!
They're really nice!
Much better than scabies
Or head lice!

The oceans are rising.
It makes me fret!
If they keep rising,
My feet will get wet!

I like the Greens!
They've got Bob Brown!
But Bob Brown is sad
With a permanent frown.

Don't be sad, please Bob!
We'll make you grin!
We'll do our best
To vote you in!

I like the Greens!
They're really nice!
Even if their economic policies are somewhat questionable.


Legal Eagle said...

The last line is the best.

Incidentally the word verification is "soilly" - seems appropriate for the post!

"The Greens are soilly,
But not so oily."

Dan the VespaMan said...

I am also un-keen,
To become green,
This poem is clean,
Disappointingly un-obscene.

TimT said...

Thanks LE. When I started out with this poem all I had were the last and the first lines.

Dan, last time I checked only 8 poets were members. I'm a little surprised at that.

(Leaving myself wide open for a comment of 'obviously there are only 8 Melbourne poets, or there'd be more members', but still...)

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