Monday, June 21, 2010

Lesson for today, if today is yesterday

Yesterday, which is today if you are living approximately 24 hours in time before the present due to some failure in the space time continuum, and is also the day before tomorrow, which is Monday. Amongst its more peculiar features, yesterday is also apparently Father's Day, which I had no idea about, until today. Consequently, my Father's Day conversation went like this:

DAD: Hello.

TIM: Hi Dad. How's the weather there?

DAD: Bright.

TIM: Okay.

Um, is mum there?

DAD: Yes.

[Long silence]

Did you want to speak to her?

TIM: Yes!

[End of Dad conversation]

People of yesterday! Don't be like Tim! Instead of having a stilted and awkward conversation with your father about the weather, raise the subject of Father's Day and have a stilted and awkward conversation about the event before turning to the subject of the weather! Let this be a lesson to all of you!

UPDATE! - Hey, it's not, or rather it wasn't, Father's Day in Australia after all. I look forward to accidentally forgetting the event when it does eventually eventuate and having a stilted and awkward conversation with my father at the time.

UPDATE UPDATE! - I suppose this means that today in America is actually not yesterday in Australia at all but is 90 or so yesterdays after the current yesterday, which makes it some time... after tomorrow. Glad we got that cleared up.


Ann ODyne said...

all too existential for me, but even Groundhogs have 'A Day'
Be here now!

yrs truly, Punxatawny Phil

TimT said...

I'll be sure to call the Groundhog when his day comes and have an awkward and stilted conversation with him too.

Caz said...

Hmm, yes, I could see a hole in that entire thought process, right about the time you mentioned that yesterday was Father's Day.

It was warm today,if you were in the US tomorrow.

TimT said...

Midwinter madness, Caz. Blame it on the solstice.

In fact I forget so many of these dates that I thought it entirely likely I'd forgotten this one too.

Dan the VespaMan said...

Goodness knows where you found the time to write this.

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