Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Retro biscuits

What do they call those little flavoured rice biscuits they have at parties these days? They are the Jatz of the 21st century. Does anyone remember Jatz? We all used to eat Jatz, whenever the occasion called for parties and a little something to eat. And then there was the time we all went crazy over Saos, and there were the imitation Jatz biscuits they came out with - Ritz. On the whole it appears if you are a person who designs savoury biscuits (what do they call them?) you probably wouldn't go too far wrong if you gave it a name that ended with Z. Jatz, Ritz, Bitz, Titz....

One of these days I would like to have a retro biscuit party where we all gather around a table and eat those little biscuits we used to eat decades ago, with a little something on them of course.


Steve said...

I fondly remember as a little kid the Jatz and mock chicken dip from the occasional party at my aunt's house, where the entertainment used to be someone peddling the pianola and sing-a-longs. God I'm sounding old!

TimT said...

Sing-a-long-songs round the pianola sounds more odd than old, but quite charming nonetheless.

Shelley said...

The crackers you're given at parties says more about your host than fashion. A serving of only rice crackers is, in my book, only acceptable if everyone's coeliac. Most people aren't so you're probably looking at the pretentious or the diet conscious.

Is everyone down yet?

TimT said...

I almost only ever see those rice crackers now, I think it might be a pretentious Melbourne thing. Even at work they're the crackers that get served.

Dan the VespaMan said...

Those rice crackers are dreadful things. They fool you into thinking they will taste as good as salt and fat laden potato crisps but always let you down.

They are like erotic movies on SBS. You think your in for a hefty eyeful of smut but it actually turns out to be pretty tame and you feel cheated by the time the movie is over.

Shelley said...

Basically, they're the diet version of tasty things, yes? Water crackers with good cheese or Jatz with mediocre cheese are infinitely better.

Erotic movies on SBS? More cheese.

Blandwagon said...

If it'll help, just get out your sharpie and write a Z on the end of the name on the packet of the False Crackers.

Then you will have sakataz, or whatever.

I am so full of solutions.

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