Thursday, July 08, 2010


Surprise is an important element in comedy: a poem

You have a cough
A little cough
What do you do?
It might be cold?
It might be cold -
It could be flu -
What do you do?
You see the doc,
He says, 'say ah!'
So you say, 'ah!'
He says, 'congrats,
You've got pneumonia!'

Oh ah ha ha!


You have an itch
A little itch
On your left foot,
You little toe
On your left foot
Begins to itch
Begins to twitch
Begins to shake
A little bit
Within your shoe -
What do you do?
Take off your shoe?
(You take it off.)
Your leg drops off -
A little bit.


You're dead. Not dead.
You're almost dead.
The bombs have dropped
The power's down
The food is gone
You are the last
Survivor in
This post apoc-
-alyptic world.
You're dead. Not dead.
You'll soon be dead,
And as you lie
Stark raving mad
Upon the floor
Then what should burst
In through the door
Except a clown?
A happy clown!
A laughing clown!
With funny hair!
And bright red nose!
And bright red mouth!
And bright red eyes!
And honking horn!
What should he cry?
I do declare -



Mitzi G Burger said...

"The clown motif was a recurring trope in Train's early middle period, signifying tragic-comic fascinations with the post-circus." pp35 - 45, 'The Training of Train', Melbourne's Poetry Underbelly, Burger, M. G. (ed.)

TimT said...

I'd like to buy that book. It will tell me what the ideas I'm going to have in the future are, and save me the trouble of actually having them.

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