Sunday, July 18, 2010

Scenario that may or may not have happened

You have been sweeping up. With the broom. There is a big pile of dust, hair, and scraps sitting in one spot on the floor, which is the result of your sweeping up with aforementioned tool of sweeping up, the broom. All is as it should be.

A cat enters the room where you have been doing the sweeping up. The cat sits down on the floor in close - fairly close, but not very close, and certainly not absolutely - proximity to the results of the sweeping up, with the implement of sweeping up resting on the other side, resting upon the table. The cat looks cheerfully smug, in that way that cats have.

You are sitting on a chair. The broom leaning on the table. The cat is sitting on the floor. The pile of dust is sitting in fairly close but not very close proximity to the cat on the floor. It is a scene of domestic peace and tranquility such as, one imagines, happen all over the world in such circumstances. And then, an idea comes into your head.

You stand up from the chair on which you have been sitting. You grasp the broom firmly in both your hands, and take it away from the table on which it has been leaning. With one brisk stroke, you sweep the pile of dust from the position it has been sitting on the floor to a position in very close proximity indeed to the cat. You return the broom and yourself to their static positions on table and chair, respectively. You watch with pleasure and satisfaction as the cat walks into the middle of the pile of dust and curls into a neat ball and lays down to sleep.

It is after all a pleasant and satisfying thing to provide just that extra little bit of help to others to achieve their goals.

You will be interested to know that this scenario, that may or may not have actually happened, didn't actually happen. But oh, how easily it could have...

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Carolyn Cordon said...

If it had happened I would have loved to have known what the cat did.

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