Saturday, July 31, 2010

Types of dance

The Conga - line dance

The Tango - two person Latin-American dance

The Mango - As above, with fruit

The Quango - one person dance performed by public servants for the entertainment of their political masters

The Mambo - similar to the Tango

The Rhumba - No idea, but it sounds fun.

The Bhimbo - Something involving blonde people.

The Tarantella - Dance imitating the fevered throes of a person who has been bitten by a Tarantula spider.

The Banktella - Dance imitating the fevered throes of a person who has been bitten by a local bankteller (the venom is said to be fatal).


Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

Personally, I dance the Drongo.

TimT said...

Best danced with, or by, a man called Bongo.

Ann ODyne said...

A victim of the fatal Banktella bite often snaps right out of the effect when focussed on The Interest Charge on their Statement.

While on the dance topic, fans of Burton & Herman's PEEWEEs Big Adventure will love knowing he is going to do repeat his legendary Biker Bartop dance at the biggest biker festival - hundreds of thousands of them converge on some place in Dakota. details at if you really want to be amazed.
The place is apparently lawless for the duration.

Ann ODyne said...

"On August 8th and 9th, you’re appearing as Pee-wee at the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally in South Dakota, where you’ll be leading the world’s biggest “Tequila” dance. Was that your idea?

Paul Reubens: I knew somebody who was going to Sturgis and she mentioned to me that it was the 70th anniversary and they were expecting six to seven hundred thousand people. It’s the biggest party on the planet. So I said to her, “You should do a little checking around, because I have a pretty good following among bikers.”

Because of the biker scene in Big Adventure?

Exactly. So a few weeks later she called me back and said, “Oh my god, I cannot believe the reaction I got by dropping your name to the biker people I know.” She was hooked up to the owner of the big premiere campground there, the Buffalo Chip. And that’s who’s bringing me to Sturgis. We’re going to try and recreate the scene in Big Adventure where I dance on the bar in the biker bar. We asked if some of the people attending want to be extras, and we’ve gotten hundreds and hundreds of applications. It’s just really incredible.

TimT said...

Said bartop dance is so legendary I never heard of it, but thanks for the entertaining news snippet.

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