Thursday, July 08, 2010

The Screw

It is finally time to tell the tale of the Screw. It is an old tale, but no less true for all that. And perhaps you will find something inspirational in the tale of the Screw. Maybe it will even inspire you to go forth and Screw in places you have never Screwed before.

The Screw was in the cupboard door, see. It was keeping the door open. Screws tend to do that. It is really amazing what good a little Screw can do, if you let it.

But over the years, the Screw became looser and looser. What had once been a good hard Screw had started to fall out. And there was the sound of weeping and wailing all over the earth.

But! Along I came with my Screwdriver. I had got the Screwdriver that morning from Bunnings. It's amazing the things you can get from Bunnings; they are extraordinarily eager to encourage the delightful practice of Screwing at work, and at home. Well, as I say, I wandered along with my Screwdriver, and I picked up the Screw, and I commenced Screwing. Never before or after has there ever been such a Screw as the Screw I had that day in the cupboard. I Screwed determinedly in the cupboard, and I Screwed some more, and then after that, I did a little bit more Screwing until the Screw was all Screwed.

And when I had finished, the Screw was completely Screwed once more.

And over the vast aeons of time - well more months and seconds actually - one generation has handed down to the next generation the tale of the Screw. Not that there has been any generations to tell the tale. But still.

Go forth and Screw!


Alexis, Baron von Harlot said...

And the Baron saith, "Gee willikers, you're so mechanical! Why don't you oil change the Holden while you're at it?"

TimT said...

And Tim said, 'Olive Oil or Vegetable Oil? Or can we just use butter?' And the Baron said, 'on second thoughts, don't. Let us never speak of this again.'

Mitzi G Burger said...

Future governesses will wander through the Baron's grounds, uncertain whether the silent presence of two cats was real or imagined ...

TimT said...

Speaking of which, Beatrice got on the roof of the neighbour's shed this morning and became thoroughly dirty. Good work, Bea.

TimT said...

But that is Another Story and Will Be Told Another Time.

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