Friday, July 09, 2010

Proposed titles for academic essays

Contents and their discontents: Chapter titles and the 18th century novel

Colons, and semi-colons: punctuation and body parts in Victorian literature

‘The’: an article on Shakespearean articles.

A Soon-to-be Important Article: analysing how the Soon-to-be Important Article came to be, and critiquing the arguments that it engages in critiquing itself.


‘A series of random words yanked out of the dictionary and placed in close proximity to one another’: stochastic pullulating porcine stalagmites and their malcontents.

Was going to be: a critical analysis of the so-called Soon-to-be Important Article, and an analytical critique of its so called self-analysis

Nose picking, and Colonialism


Deconstructing the malcontents of the analyticially critical retrospective prospective perspective: the critical legacy of Clifford, the Big Red Dog.

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