Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Blog Dates from Hell

You know the best thing about the internet? It's not that it brings people together - it's that it keeps them apart! At last, all of us misanthropes have a medium to express our fundamental dislike of all things human, and not worry about the consequences!

After all, just imagine the alternatives...

Blog Dates From Hell....

Annoying Customer


Elizabeth Talbot
Brisbane blogger Elizabeth Talbot creator of website Customers Suck, takes one look at the Annoying Customer before pronouncing - Screw You, homie - you have FAILED!, and blowing him away with an Ouzi.
Darlene Taylor


Marcel White
It's carnage when fun-time gal Darlene Taylor meets pro-life activist Marcel White. Somehow, Darlene's hippy friends get a wind of Marcel's Ultra-conservative mates, and the two set upon one another in what will eventually become known as the 2005 Blog Riots.


Rodney Croome
"I should never have done it," sobs Croome. "I should never have let him take advantage of me." When Catholic Conservative John Heard has a one-nighter with Taswegian Rodney Croome, things turn ugly fast: Croome demands that Heard 'make an honest man out of me' and marry him, but Heard is already eyeing up Paul Kidd, on the other side of the room...

More to come, soon.


Darlene Taylor said...

Marcel White?

Oh, that young bloke who goes on about abortion all the time.

Someone that obsessive would surely be a dull date.

He is entitled to his opinion, of course. Ultimately, I come down on the side of the individual's right to make their own decision about such things.

So, Marcel and I would not be a dream date. Not sure who would be my dream blog date - hmmmm.

Who would the blog date from hell for TimT be?

TimT said...

How did your blog date with the buff-and-well-toned young righties from Paul and Carl go?

As for my Blog Date from Hell... well, stay tuned...

Darlene Taylor said...

You can read all about it on Paul and Carl.

Email: timhtrain - at -

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