Thursday, January 13, 2005

Supposedly Funny Contribution made to Allegedly 'Funny Times'

Tim T wrote:


I have some pieces which might be suitable for the Funny Times and which I'd like to be paid for! Can I email them through to you, or would you prefer I mailed them?

Tim Train


--- George Cratcha wrote:

Hi Tim...

The reason we don't like e-mail is because contributors expect us to get back to them and with hundreds of submissions weekly, it would be a full-time job of writing e-mails for which we are not staffed. The beauty of snail mail is that conributors include a SASE and it is easy to send back their material with rejection letters (which is what happens to about 95% of it). You may submit electronically, especially since you live down under, but we can not e-mail you back if we don't want to use it. We will e-mail you however if we wish to publish something.

Cheers & Good Luck,
Business Mangler
Funny Times


Tim T wrote:

I'll mail them. Tomorrow. I hear that the Pony Express, or Pigeon Mail, or whatever it is you guys use nowadays, is pretty reliable.

Through rain or hail or sleet or snow
The mail will get there - next month or so.


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