Saturday, January 15, 2005

Channel Quiggin

The Quiggin Appeal

Presented by such unknown celebrities as (Not) Russell Crowe, Angelina Jolies Second Cousin(Ten Times Removed), and Elle MacPherson, and Some Other Chick.

(Not) Russell Crowe:
Hello, and welcome to Channel Quiggin, where for the next 24 hours, ecentric economist John Quiggin will be running this appeal to help the Tsunami victims of Asia.

Angelina Jolies Second Cousin (Ten Times Removed): Yes! In a vain attempt to up the number of readers and commenters at his site, Quiggin has promised to donate a dollar to a charity for every comment that appears in this post from now until Sunday midnight, Australian Time!

Elle Macpherson: I'm just here to look pretty and provide some neat filler while the producers set up the next camera shot!

Some Other Chick: And I've no idea what I'm doing here at all. First thing I know I'm watching my DVD of Legally Blonde, next thing I appear in this guys blog! I mean, sheesh! Talk about gratuitous!

(Not) Russell Crowe: So viewer, come on over to Channell Quiggin and make a comment, or even better, start an argument! Do it for the children!

Angelina Jolies Cousin (Ten Times Removed): And just to keep you interested, we'll cross now to the steps of the Sydney Opera House, where Anthony Callea is just going to sing his hit song...

Camera pans over the steps of the Opera House. Anthony Callea steps up to the podium, when all of a sudden, and for no reason at all... ten people dressed in Gorilla suits rush up the steps and beat Callea to death with their bare paws.

Angelina Jolies Cousin (Ten Times Removed): Er ... yes.... hahaha, Quiggin just called and said 'no swearing or offensive comments', so I guess we'll have to cut out the gratuitous violence as well... oh well...

(Not) Russell Crowe: But anyway, stay tuned to Channel Quiggin!

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