Wednesday, August 16, 2006

The Eternal Washing Pile

An Ode To The Eternal Washing Pile

Cloths, Cummerbunds
Doilies, Doonahs,
Embroidered sheets
Frilly knickers, flannels, frocks, fuck-me socks,
Herringbone, haberdashery, and assorted habiliments;
Imprinted fabrics,
Jungle-greens, 'jammies, jeans,
Khaki, knickerbockers,
Linen, long-Johns, loincloths,
Mantillas, mockado,
Neckties, nylon,
Plumes, plummy pants, poofy pillows, pink panties, pabouches, pyjamas, paisley, pashminas, plisse, pyjamas (see also: 'jammies)
Riding pants,
Stockings, skivvies, skirts, singlets, satin,
T-shirts, tablecloths, turtle-necks, tuxedos, tea-towels, Trilbies, togs,
V-necks, vests,
X-rated items of various types,
Zephyrs, zabutons, zebra stockings, and RaZZamataZZ!


Caz said...

Timmy, we still haven't met, in person, as it were: now I'm rather relieved.

I'm sure you look a treat, really, but, um, you know, I have my standards, when in public.

TimT said...

Before you make a final judgment, Caz, let me hasten to assure you that I *never* wash doilies in the washing machine, principally because I don't own any doilies.

ras said...

you know you put pyjamas in twice

I love your ode, although herringbone should never be put through the wash, nor triblies

TimT said...

I put pyjamas in twice because pyjamas are just that good. I HAD to do it!

ras said...

nuff said then!
I agree

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