Monday, August 07, 2006

Writing Tip

I feel the need to write and think, or perhaps the reverse. - Nails.

Feel the need to think and write? Get a diary. Don't feel the need to think and write? Get a diary anyway. It will be an excellent incentive to your aim to nonphilosophise and unwrite! Every day, you will open the diary, and stare at all the things you haven't thought, and therefore haven't bothered to write down.

As the years proceed, and you continue to make great achievements in whatever it is that you do apart from thinking and writing, you will wonder how you ever made it anywhere without your diary!


nailpolishblues said...

You begin to make me very nervous. Will I have the courage to ever write anything if it is just food for the god of Timteaser? Oh woe! How grateful I am that I do not know you and that you cannot quote me as I speak! Really very grateful on that point.

TimT said...

I really must be careful not to tease a person whose blog name is 'Nails' too much ...

nailpolishblues said...

Coo, whatever could you mean..?

ras said...

I recently went to a psychic, she told me that i should write more, that its something i'm good at and i didnt take it up because of my belief that it wouldnt go anywhere

She told me...write down your ideas and your thoughts, one day you will write a book, quite soon, and people will buy it

TimT said...

Write a bestselling book and go back and tell her about it. She'll be so shocked that one of her predictions actually came true that it will make her day, her week, her month, her year, even! It will be an act of humane kindness and charity!

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