Saturday, August 19, 2006

Limited Sedition

Coming soon to a printer near you - the latest WillTypeForFood Poetry Zine! Containing all those WillTypeForFood poems you've neither read nor heard of, including the didactic 'Mother Knows Best', the gentle 'Little Blue Bird of Happiness', the cheerful 'My Favourite Things', and the whimsical 'Wordsworth Can Get Stuffed' - among others!

Watch this space for updates!


Kathy said...

Love your poetry mate!
Ogden Nash eat ya heart out.


TimT said...

I'm ready! I'm steady! I'm ... going to put it together tomorrow. I think.

Darlene said...


Will be good to see yourself in print.

Well, at some point I am going to have do a run around areas like Brunswick Street, Sydney Road etc

You should drop off your poetry zine as well.

ras said...

please send me one

TimT said...

Will do. I'll put an email addy in an update post so folks can contact me with details.

I'm putting it together at the moment. I've got enough for an eight page zine at the moment: essentially, an A4 piece of paper cut in half, and then both those halves folded over so as to create eight pages.

I may put in more poems to make it a 12, 16, or 20 page zine, but I'm not sure about that option. How do people feel about an eight pager? Is it too short? It's the format I've always used in the past.

Email: timhtrain - at -

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