Monday, August 28, 2006

Ideologically Appropriate Sartorial #1

Maybe I've been inspired by LP's recent post on the Army of God PJs, or maybe I'm just nuts, but I've recently been having a few ideas about 'ideologically appropriate' sartorial ...


Now, you have no excuse: you can keep the image of the Great Leader right next to your private parts, all day and all night! Items in our range include Engels 'Saucy Lingerie' range, our popular 'Comrade Marx for your Parts' line, the 'Brezhnev Bra', the 'Kruschev's Knickers for your Knockers', and the 'Gorbachev G-string'.

Images are reversible, so you will literally have NOTHING separating you from yourself and the Eyes of the Mighty One!


tigtog said...

Going by where his hands are clapping, all I can think is "ouch".

TimT said...

This is why communism is so very, very wrong.

Ella said...

But why the yellow crochet? He seems like more of a brown oilcloth kind of guy.

TimT said...

There is a Stalin for every season and fabric ... I kind of remember his image from that great Russian film, Burnt by the Sun, where two of the characters are driving through a golden field of wheat somewhere in the middle of Russia, and all of a sudden, a gigantic, blood-red banner unfolds in front of them bearing Stalin's image right in the middle.

Although Stalin's right up there in the Evil Communist stakes, he's far less popular than the more youthful (but still evil) Che, who appears everywhere.

The Polarizer said...

No complaints from me!!

TimT said...


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