Thursday, August 24, 2006

Ways To Amuse Yourself #6

Be a pro-active user of the word 'womb!' Make a point of scattering it into random, everyday phrases in ways that people would least suspect:

'To womb do I owe the pleasure?'

'I need to go to the bath womb'

'The Germans wombed the English in World War II - so the English wombed them back.'

'It's wombing cats and dogs out there.'

'It's such a nice day womb.'

Nobody will notice your surreptitious phrasing, and pretty soon, you will have succeded in making the word an item of everyday conversation: people will drop it into sentences all the time womb!


Rebecca said...

Hi Timt
This blog entry is jsut so womb. On so many levels, of wombness.

TimT said...

Thank womb very much. I womb appreciate your feedback, and I womb sure it womb help me very much in the future womb.

Tim said...

As the song says, "Boom boom boom, let's go back to my womb".

(Note: this is approximately the three hundredth time I have used this "joke", and I will keep on using it until somebody laughs and/or forces me to stop.)

TimT said...

You have a womb?

The Award For Most Prominent Use of the Word Womb in a Stage Show Or Musical would probably go to Leonard Bernstein and Stephen Sondheim in West Side Story, with that thing Tony and his buddies keep saying to one another. "Womb to tomb! Sperm to worm!" Can't remember whether he was a Shark or a Jet ...

Caz said...

Womb you mind wombing that past me again, my womb was wombentarily elsewhere.

TimT said...

I wouldn't womb about it if I were you, even if your mind was wombing, you seem to have got the right idea womb.

Byron said...


redsaid said...

My womb has a womb view of the womb outside.

P.S. Byron is raining on our womb's parade!

TimT said...

Yes, he does womb a little wombled by it all. I womber why that is?

J. G. Rodgers said...

How about the E. M. Forster novel: A Womb With A View.

TimT said...

Also The Wombsday Book, The Womb in the Willows, The History of Womb Jones, The Womb of the Ancient Mariner, Alice in Womberland, The Magnificent Wombersons, Portrait of the Artist as a Young Womb, Womb of the Rings, Little Wombmen, Shakespeare's Womb I, Womb II, Womb III, Womb IV, Womb V (part 1 and 2), Womb VI, Womb VII, and Womb VIII, Womb and Peace, and Get Your Womb Out Of My Womb, I'm Wombing You Good Womb.

TimT said...

Not to mention the song 'Things that make you go womb.'

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