Saturday, August 05, 2006

Update Update

ACCORDION UPDATE! - The accordion is doing very well, thanks for asking. I've learnt the buttons fairly well, and being a piano player, the keyboard's good, too.
Can't say the same thing about my mother. For some reason, she's got the wild and crazy idea into her head that I should join an accordion orchestra, and find myself a beautiful young accordioness. Just like that! As wild and crazy ideas go, this was almost good as my mother's other suggestion - that I should become romantically involved with people on the trams. (Now let's see, will it be the drunk spewing in the corner, or the bogan kicking down the door?)

Sometimes my mother can be a very odd person.

UPLATE UPDATE! - After seeing Sarah Silverman around about midnight last week, I went and saw another MIFF film this week, Brothers of the Head, starting about 9.30. Basically, a film about siamese twins who end up making a punk outfit. A shockrockmockumentary, if you like.

DUCK YOU UPDATE! - What the hell is a chicken doing in a duck post?

CROUCHER UPDATE! - Rachel's still in hospital, and apparently she's taken to posting cranky letters to bitter old university feminists. Bring it on!

Word is, she'll probably be out early September.

CAFFEINE UPDATE! - Tea, Tony ... er ... T?

GET HOFF UPDATE! - Swaywatch!

PS - UPDATE UPDATE UPDATE! - It's shockrockmockumentarycommentary!


nailpolishblues said...

The horror of mothers. Mine was interrogating me on the phone earlier..about an ex-housemate who I, ah, used to be in love with and whose fear and loathing of me means that we'll never be speaking ever again. Some boys just don't know how to be stalked :(
I chose to tell her that we just had spoken in 'a while'...a year constitutes 'a while' doesn't it?

TimT said...

Sure it does - at least for the purposes of maternal liaison!

Caz said...

I suppose this means that you have rubber chookies in your bath tub.

Caz said...

BTW - your Mum wants you to find a nice gel and settle down. She has been patient. Now she has obviously decided that ANY girl will do. She is providing you with helpful tips on how to meet ANY girl, any girl, at all. Has she suggested lurking at 7/11 stores yet? Hanging out at South Yarra station on Melbourne Cup day? Busking outside Young & Jacksons?

Kathy said...

Yeahh Tim 'bout time you settled down eh? After all you are getting on a bit mate!!!!!!!.

Poor old mum doesn't want you to be left on the shelf.

That's cute.

Jellyfish said...

I recently copped the ultimate: following a discussion about my inability to have any meaningful romantic interaction with men, Mum asked kindly, 'Darling, do you think you might be a lesbian?'

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Darlene said...

Mmmmm, Tim for someone who doesn't like MIFF films you have spent quite a bit of time at them.

nailpolishblues said...

You are not alone, Jellyfish. My parents, sister, and some of my friends all hoped that I was a lesbian. The truth is that I am just chronically unappealing to men.

Lucy Tartan said...

I was at that screening of brothers of hte head too - it was the one where the woman stood up and said something grovelling about the British consul, yes? What did you think of the movie?

TimT said...

Caz, Kath - good thing Mum's in Newcastle and I'm in Melbourne, I guess. Heaven knows what it'd be like if she lived just around the corner, and kept on popping in with her suggestions.

Jelly - I'll cop that! My younger brother and his girlfriend once got Mum drunk at a Newcastle restaurant and got her raving about me, then started teasing her that maybe I was gay. He told me about it by text message the day after (I had a hangover, too). Fucking hell!

Darlene - sure, but I've only seen two. Also saw The Libertine on the weekend, a general release flick which was better than either of the MIFF films I saw.

Nails - now that can't be true.

Lucy - yeah, that was the one. I'm a big fan of the guy who wrote the book, Brian Aldiss, and counted myself lucky when I got a copy of Brothers of the Head at a Newcastle bookstore - (it's rare). I think they buggered up the concept a little, really. It was a neat idea to get it into a mockumentary format, and there were a lot of different voices in the film, but the book has a weirdness about it that the film doesn't quite get at. (It misses out entirely on the brilliant dream passages, which take up entire chapters in the Aldiss book)
So I guess I judged the film not on its own terms, but those of the book. But that's because I preferred the book's terms.

On the other hand, I was VERY impressed by the Regent theatre.

nailpolishblues said...

You're quite right, it's not. The ones over forty quite like me, the ones over fifty a bit more, the ones over sixty really like me, the ones over seventy, well, it just gets a bit too icky at that point, doesn't it?

TimT said...

Nails, on matters romantic, the masculine mind is inscrutable, often because it's not there at all. I feel sure you do yourself a great disservice and are far too self-critical.

I know it's Monday morning, but - have a drink. Will it be beer - or more beer?

nailpolishblues said...

Bah! I could do with a sugar daddy anyway. Not grand-daddy very wrong...

Darlene said...

True, Timbo.

Hope you are well.

I'm thinking of having a board game party shortly. Will let you know the details.

BTW, have turned on comments on my new blog. Be the first to leave a comment. After all, you said I was one of Australia's best bloggers.

Caz said...

Nails - don't give up.

"Some boys just don't know how to be stalked"

Phooey! Nothing wrong with persistence. Your persistence will be rewarded one of these days.

TimT said...

Darlene, just so long as that board game isn't chess. I become possessed when a chess board is put in front of me.

Darlene said...

Well, I was thinking more of Hungry Hippo or something like that.

TimT said...

Maybe 'Monopoly - the Broadmeadows version' ...

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