Monday, August 04, 2008

Headlines from the Identity Theft Times

Identity Theft Times: the newspaper that isn't what it says it is.

Man with multiple personalities complains of identity theft. "I'm 9/13s the man I used to be."

Me, yourself, and her: A victim of identity crime has her first and second person stolen from her.

Opinion column by Ern Malley: "Peter Carey has no right to steal my fabricated identity from me. It may not be much, but it's all I've got!"

The Shakespeare-Marlowe debate settled at last. They both wrote one another's plays!

Three faceless men walk into a bar...

Imposters: the blog for identity criminals!

Anonymous author mistaken for synonymous celebrity by cafe owner. "Their faces looked similar..."

RIGHT, SUNSHINE! I'm nicked! Identity criminal steals policeman's personality, jails himself.

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